Code of Conduct

Last update: 14th of September, 2015


Netherward Teamspeak: A Teamspeak server dedicated for the gaming community known as the NetherWard. It can be found using the program "teamspeak" with "" as the IP.
Teamspeak: A Voice-over-IP (VoIP) software that allows people to speak using text or speech to communicate with one-another.
Channel: A sub-category, usually based on a theme around the Teamspeak server, which allows people to talk about separate topics without disturbing others.
Teamspeak Client: The software that comes with Teamspeak. It is the User Interface that is used to interact with the server.
Teamspeak Server: A server that the clients connect to which uses Teamspeak to communicate. Teamspeak servers are separated from each other.
Minecraft: A sandbox video game. It has a survival and building aspect used in unison for a very creative experience. Known to be very diverse.

Administrator: The highest tier of staff. Their word on the Netherward Teamspeak is final.
Moderator: A staff member who oversees the Teamspeak server. Their job is to keep users from deviating from the rules and guidelines mentioned on this page.
Channel Operator: A channel-specific moderator. Not necessarily staff members.
Staff: Channel Operators, Moderators, Administrators.
User: An individual who uses the Netherward Teamspeak in any way.


The Netherward Teamspeak is intended to allow people who are part of our community to converse in a respectful and enjoyable manner. The rules of the Teamspeak server will follow this as a principle. The rules and guidelines on this page will explain what is expected of our users and what they can expect from others. As the guidelines may or may not be interpreted differently by different users, our moderators have full discretion to address any behaviour that they feel is inappropriate. Our users are required to listen to our moderators, so that if you are contacted by a moderator about a specific issue, you are expected to stop and listen. If you feel they made a mistake, please use our ticket support system or contact an administrator. Access to the Netherward Teamspeak is a privilege, not a right. The staff reserves the right to suspend or limit access to any user at any time for any reason that they might deem reasonable. All incidents will be evaluated on a case to case basis, and the actions that follow may be more lenient or more severe based on the person in question and their history with the Netherward Teamspeak. Note that rules apply in public channels, and private channel descriptions, and might be somewhat more lenient in private conversations or channels where every user in question has no issues with the specific rule. This requires a user to ask this of others and it should never be expected that it is implied. This very specifically does not include illegal activity of any kind. Remember that the Code of Conduct can change at any time without notice.
Finally, please keep in mind that the moderators are volunteers. Do not try to make their jobs more difficult than absolutely necessary!

As a rule of thumb, whenever a user complains to you, either explain why you don't think what you did is wrong or stop doing what they don't want you to do.


It should be noted that the Netherward Teamspeak has a lot of roleplay happening in it. As such, some situations might be "In-Character" and not be prone to some of the following rules. Make sure it is always clear when you are in and out of your character. If a moderator can't tell whether you are In-Character, then they may assume you are not.

The Rules

This is a list of violations that our users are required to avoid at all cost. If you see another user not abiding to these rules, please submit a ticket and let the moderators take care of it.

Abuse of the Netherward Teamspeak and its related servers

  • Use of a modified Teamspeak Client to abuse, harass or unnecessarily inconvenience users
  • Using the Teamspeak Client for the same reason above
  • Submitting invalid, joking or otherwise unnecessary tickets through the support system

Harassment and User Abuse

  • Intentionally insulting or disrespecting other people, or a group of people in any way, shape or form
  • Sharing private information you were entrusted within a private conversation by another user
  • Repeatedly causing arguments with the intent of disrupting others
  • Deliberately impersonating other users
  • Continually ignoring other users' requests when asked to stop.
  • Recording other users without their prior knowledge and approval

Ignoring or Disturbing Moderators and Administrators

  • Failure to abide by direct instructions by an administrator or moderator
  • Deliberately influencing staff's decisions for personal gain
  • Disrupting staff action
  • Impersonating a staff member

Staff will have their role written under "Server Groups" when clicked on their name in the Teamspeak client. Examples of staff roles include "Moderator" and "Server Admin". Additionally, staff members will never ask for personal information, like phone numbers, address, passwords, etc. If a staff member is found to be doing the above, please submit a ticket.

Evasion of Bans or Timeouts

  • Bypassing a punishment previously given by a staff member, in any way

If you feel a punishment is unfair, please submit a ticket.

Illegal Content and Hateful Behaviour

  • Linking a website or image with a focus on political, racial, religious or national hatred
  • Public speaking of hateful or derogatory content
  • Posting or linking illegal content of any kind
  • Alluding to illegal activities

Illegal activity may result in inclusion of local authorities. Illegal refers to not complying with the Law of the United Kingdom, as the Netherward Teamspeak is located in the United Kingdom.

Adult or shocking content

  • Linking to adult content such as nudity and sexual activity of any kind to a channel or conversation where not all the involved parties are over 18 or have said they have no issue with such content
  • Linking to adult content without a warning in a public channel ("NSFW" is considered a valid warning)
  • Linking to shocking, horrific or excessively obscene content

Spamming and Trolling

  • Posting or saying something repeatedly, or similar content to the extent that it disrupts other users
  • Playing excessively loud music and soundboards repeatedly, or purposefully abusing audio within the Teamspeak server
  • Picking fights, insulting others and other malicious behaviour to disrupt channels and users
  • Jumping in and out of channels, changing nicknames, spamming text or otherwise abusing Teamspeak to disrupt others
  • Mentioning subjects that are sensitive to other users with knowledge thereof
  • Joking about serious and sensitive topics that other users may feel uncomfortable discussing
  • Excessive cussing and swearing

If you are unsure which topics are considered sensitive, please ask all other parties involved and avoid assuming such matters..

User Threats

  • Threatening to sue any persons, entity, company, or property in a serious manner
  • Threatening to cause any type of damage to any persons, company, or property
  • Stating actions of suicide, self-harm publicly
  • Blackmailing other users

On the subject of suicide and self-harm: You are welcome to talk about personal issues, but do not make a claim that you will hurt yourself. If you do suffer from depression or have thoughts of harming yourself, please contact a friend or relative. Alternatively, call the crisis hotline or your local police department. The Netherward Teamspeak staff is not equipped or trained to handle emergency situations of this nature.

Disciplinary Actions

When a user violates the Code of Conduct in one or more ways, a staff member may take action depending on the scenario. This will depend on the severity of the violation as well as previous history of the users involved. The following actions may be taken:

If you have been banned and wish to apply for an appeal, please submit a ticket about why you originally banned and why you think you should be allowed back onto the Teamspeak server.

Complaints and Appeals

The moderating team will attempt to take care of violations themselves, but they won't be able to moderate what they cannot see or hear. When a violation of the Code of Conduct happens in such a scenario, you can contact a moderator in multiple ways. The recommended way is by using our ticket support system.
You can also use the ticket support system when you feel a moderator is not handling a situation appropriately or when a technical issue happens on the Netherward Teamspeak server.
If you need further information on the rules, please ask a moderator or administrator.

Further Disclaimers

The staff of the Netherward Teamspeak is in no way responsible for the actions of the users on the Teamspeak server. They will make an attempt to stop abuse and harassment on the server, but they cannot guarantee the Netherward Teamspeak is without issues at all times. Furthermore, the Code of Conduct is up to change, including but not limited to the rules and the disclaimer, at any time without the requirement of the staff to notify its users about such a change.

There is no association between the Netherward Teamspeak and the Buffalo Wizards or Mojang.